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Olive FAQ

Please contact us if you have a question that is not listed here.

Data Usage and Attribution

Canonical Resources
The data found on Olive are usually not the canonical source of these data — primarily NCBI houses the canonical source. However, many of GSAP's grants require publication of the results of our sequencing, annotation, and analysis efforts. Olive is GSAP's effort to make these data available.
Each gene, genome, and initiative has citation instructions attached to it. This will typically have the format:

Please cite these data as "[initiative name], Broad Institute ("

Release Policy

GSAP follows a set of principles documented in our Data Use Policy.

Sequencing and Annotation Methods

If you have questions about our methods, please contact us and let us know — our scientists would be more than happy to explain.

Using Olive

The left column has dynamic navigation elements with the aim of easy discovery of related information within Olive. For example, when looking at a gene, there will be links to its parent genome and the initiative under which this work was done.
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Link Colors
Blue links lead to external resources, orange links are for browsing within Olive.
We keep a public roadmap where you can see our rough plans for the next few months.
We publish a fair amount of data; some of it has descriptions framing the work, while others are simply strain 234 of 345. In the cases where we don't have more context for a given body of data, we just bring you right to the data.
Please visit the Preview FAQ for more information on preview releases.
Please visit the Download FAQ for more information on downloads available.
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