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Phytophthora parasitica

The oomycete Phytophthora parasitica is a very broad host range pathogen that causes destructive diseases of a wide variety of crop plants, nursery and ornamental plants, and forest ecosystems. Some isolates are also effective pathogens of Arabidopsis thaliana and Medicago truncatula. The overall goal of this project is to create a high quality draft sequence of P. parasitica using the isolate INRA-310, and to identify SNPs from additional isolates of diverse host range (including several funded by international partners) in order to enable a comparative genomic analysis of genes that determine host range. Comparing the genetic repertoire of P. parasitica with those of the three other assembled Phytophthora species, two that have a narrow host range (P. infestans and P. sojae) and one that has a broad host range (P. ramorum), will provide important insights into the molecular basis of host range and host specificity in oomycete pathogens.

The Phytophthora parasitica sequencing project is supported as part of the Microbial Genome Sequencing Program from the United States Department of Agriculture - Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (USAD - AFRI), grant number VAR-2009-01533.


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